Gadebusch welcomes you !

Welcome in our picturesque town in the north of Germany, surrounded by meadows and forests. We want to give you a survey over the cosy, lovely little town Gadebusch in Mecklenburg County.

You can find several points of interest by walking or by biking through our town and its charming neighbourhood.

Typical curiosities invite you, like the townhall, recently restored and enlarged, the church St. Jacob and St. Dionys with the Queen’s chapel, the tomb of Queen Agnes of Sweden, the renaissance palace as monuments, dominating the town.

We are proud of the municipality museum in the road Amtsstraße.

Gadebusch in the district of Northwest-Mecklenburg offers many facilities, a wide landscape with lot of documents of cultural and historical variety waiting to be explored – between the hanseatic town Lübeck and the provincial capital town Schwerin, the hanseatic town Wismar and the natural reserve Schaalsee.

In the village Wakenstädt near Gadebusch you find the site of the great battle during the Nordic War dated 1712. A monument remembers that battle.

The townhall clerks like to answer your questions and suggestions according the town and your stay.

I’m sure you will enjoy Gadebusch.

Ulrich Howest